Business & Finance


Solid results in a challenging environment


Fiscal 2019: Further volume growth while prices remain at a low level

Covestro achieves targets in continuing challenging market environment

Core volumes up by 2.0% / Group sales total approximately EUR 12.4 billion (–15.1%) / EBITDA as forecast at approximately EUR 1.6 billion (–49.9%) / Program launched to promote circular economy / Dividend proposal of EUR 2.40 per share / Outlook for 2020: Full year remains challenging


Recticel and Covestro collaborate in the development of circular materials

Closing cycles for polyurethane mattresses

Both companies join forces in the PUReSmart research project / First time use of CO2-based cardyon® product in mattresses


Complete divestment of Covestro’s polycarbonate sheets business

Covestro closed sale of European polycarbonates sheets business to Serafin


Covestro´s polycarbonate proves suitable for mass production using 3D printing

Covestro provides Signify with polycarbonate for 3D-printed luminaires for a circular economy

Signify makes high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting products / Company also prints light shades and fittings in the Netherlands using additive manufacturing / New facilities planned in the USA, India and Indonesia / 100 percent recyclable polycarbonate supports a circular economy


Covestro continues portfolio optimization

Covestro closed sale of European Systems Houses business to H.I.G. Capital


Third quarter 2019: Full-year forecast confirmed and ranges narrowed

Covestro generates strong volume growth in a continuing challenging environment

Core volumes up by 5.3% / Group sales total approximately EUR 3.2 billion (–14.6%) / EBITDA forecast achieved at EUR 425 million (–50.5%) / Net income down to EUR 147 million (–70.4%) / Free operating cash flow at EUR 243 million (–58.0%) / Ranges for 2019 narrowed in existing forecast


Materials manufacturer launches strategic program

Covestro plans to promote circular economy

Seeing plastic waste as a valuable resource / Alternative raw materials to break away from crude oil / Fostering recycling through innovative processes


Fostering innovation from Asia for the world

Covestro expands open innovation in China

New concept to engage with global innovation partners / Ensure innovation leadership and accelerate time to market


Next step in portfolio optimization

Covestro to sell European polycarbonate sheets business to Serafin Group

New owner to continue and further develop sheets business / Sale is part of Covestro’s efforts to optimize its portfolio / Covestro to remain key supplier to sheets business